The Tauri Documentation WIP

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This is my work-in-progress version of the new tauri documentation. Beware of typos, inaccuracies, mistakes and missing pages!

Tauri is a toolkit that helps developers make applications for the major desktop platforms - using virtually any frontend framework in existence. The core is built with Rust, and the CLI leverages Node.js making Tauri a genuinely polyglot approach to creating and maintaining great apps.

Once in a while, we will show you code examples that do not work or do not compile. In most situations, we lead you to correct solution and the Rust mascot Ferris will always draw your attention to code that isn't meant to work:

Ferris with a question markThis code does not compile!
Ferris throwing up their handsThis code panics!
Ferris with one claw up, shruggingThis code does not produce the desired behavior.